God's creation
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"What do you thinking?"

“Idk. Kind of feeling weird. I really love how God created, a beautiful sky, a lot of people, awesome trees, the crowd…. You know, it’s really amazing that you can look up to the sky, you are able to capture every moment. The sky full of cloud, a lot of bird flying on. Just breathing…. you’ll gonna be thankful. I really do love wake up in the early morning, when everybody still at home, you know, the world was so calm..

You can fly to another place but when you get back, did you ever think that you got? You’ve been there. You’ve been in another land. You did stand in the different land, different grass. Did you? It’s really weird that you feel like you’ve never been there, you can’t believe that, time goes so fast. You just can’t take that moment back. Looking at the pictures doesn’t bring you to that moment, it can not. It only bring you to madness. Wishing for it to come back. Sometimes, i really love how life pass by, too many beautiful things to be remembered, too many lesson you got that strengthened you.. But in the other time you just hate that why are you still here. I think, too many “but” when somebody just trying to explain life. But somehow that’s life.”

"You loving life but you hating yourself. It never change anything even a bit"

"Just look up to the sky, Lisa. We both seeing the same. Uhm…. you know, I just wonder what will happen when my own destiny bring me somewhere… This planet is too crowd. I can’t find the real one that I can trust… I’m just afraid I can’t find another one like you" -Dylan
“People say that friend come and go, also bestfriend. But bestfriend will always find their way back… I don’t think we’ll separate. We’re still in the same planet and will always seeing the same sky…. Then about finding another one like me, pardon… You wanna replace me? Do you?” -Lisa

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